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How Would You Like to Get Your Hands On a Tool that Can Drastically Increase Your Passive Income and Eliminate Chasing Dead Ends?

It wasn't so long ago when I was struggling to make any real money from my efforts in affiliate marketing. The promises of easy money from the ebooks I'd been sold seemed to be not much more than sales patter and it just seemed like any commissions I managed to make went straight back out to pay for more advice or advertising space.

Affiliate marketing was turning out to be a big dud and I was beginning to lose hope of ever making any serious money passively, but that was until I decided to get serious and started focussing on methods that actually made money and moved away from methods that didn't. It seems so obvious, looking back now, but without any real evidence to work with, trying to decide what factors were responsible for converting sales was nigh on impossible.

It was then I decided to develop a system to provide exactly the type of information I needed to grow my affiliate income and that's when Affiliate Link Tracker was born.

To give you an example of how Affiliate Link Tracker has helped me to grow my passive income, one of the products I promote as an affiliate was consistently earning between $150 - $300 per month. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't increase the number of sales because I couldn't tell whether my promotions were successful or not.

Well, for the month when I started to use Affiliate Link Tracker, my commissions for this particular product I was promoting came to $223.58. The following month, my commissions had broken the $400 barrier at $419.72 and the month after, $465.75! I'm still in month 3 of using Affiliate Link Tracker and the figures are looking strong. And this is just the money I'm making from one of the products I promote!

Here's How Affiliate Link Tracker Helped Drastically Improve My Affiliate Income

Protects affiliate links against commission thieves
Tracks each and every link click
Keeps destination URLs secret
Uses human and search engine friendlier links
Creates new redirects easily in seconds
Easily manages unlimited links!
Check merchants statistics against your own

Protect Your Income By Controlling Your Links

Are you using exposed, raw affiliate links in your promotional material e.g.

Do you realise that these types of links can cost you money because they are easily identified as affiliate links and because it takes no effort to remove your affiliate ID and even replace it with someone elses?

Perhaps you've taken the step to 'protect' your raw affiliate links with a third-party link shortening service like Do you realise you're entrusting your affiliate income to strangers? What would happen if their service shut down?

With Affiliate Link Tracker, you'll never be at the mercy of any third party as you keep 100% control of all your redirected links.  If merchants change their links then you can update all of your links generated by Affiliate Link Tracker in just one simple operation even if those links are embedded in PDF files sitting on someones computer.

Convert those ugly affiliate URLs from

Why You Need Affiliate Link Tracker

Affiliate Link Tracker is much more than just a link cloaking system and it isn't limited to just affiliate links either. Just look at what it can do for you:

Analyse the effectiveness of links within your email newsletters
Boost sales conversions by discovering exactly which order links on your sales pages attract the most clicks
Converts long, ugly URLs into search engine friendlier links that easier to remember
Protects from commission thieves who will otherwise replace your affiliate ID and steal your referral
Control your redirected links forever even if a merchant changes their affiliate link structure
Learn what time of the day gets the most clicks
Discover where your traffic is coming from with referrer tracking

Manage your redirects through a web browser. No messy uploading of files

Works with popular affiliate programmes such as ClickBank and Commission Junction.
User-friendly link management system to quickly and easily manage your links and view click-through statistics.

Watch just how easy it is to create a protected redirect with Affiliate Link Tracker

See how you can use grouping and searches to manage your links

If you're an affiliate, you need to take control of your links now. If you don't control them, it means someone else is controlling your income.

I'm so sure you'll be over the moon with Affiliate Link Tracker that I offer a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee making your investment completely risk free!

Get Affiliate Link Tracker for just $27.

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Requirements: To use Affiliate Link Tracker, you'll require a website with PHP and MySQL available.